Inspirational garden designs -w38/2022

Inspirational garden designs -w38/2022 is almost a guide to location, location, location. Quite incredible all the stunningly designed green spaces there are out there. Sleeping tucked in amongst extinct animals could be conducive to digesting it all.

Inspirational garden designs -w38/2022 - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs – w38/2022 – GardenRoomStyle
  1. This is the terrace of one of Newport’s oldest mansions, ‘Beaulieu‘ (USA). It was sold off market in 2020 for $12,2. Former owner includes Cornelius Vanderbilt III and a US Ambassador. The latter built the relevant terrace. That turquoise furniture is rather eye-catching.
  2. If wine tasting is your thing, you will want to make sure you visit this Pavillion at the Donum Estate in California. The roof, an explosion of colour glass pieces, is designed by Studio Other Spaces. Real WOW-factor.
  3. Love these sheets resulting from a design collaboration between Moooi and Beddinghouse forming part of the Extinct Animals Bedding Collection. Add the same style wall covering to that and jungle is where it’s at.
  4. Nymans, a renowned National Trust garden in West Sussex (UK), has unveiled a new ‘Garden in the Ruins’, created within the remains of the Great Hall which was lost in a catastrophic fire in 1947 and has been inaccessible since. Looks great!
  5. I have a current obsession with Boston Ivy/Virginia Creeper as a garden design feature. Came across this sight the other day where the plant has covered the support in lush, sexy greenery. Like!
  6. Well. What a garden/pool area. Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House inspired by Mayan temple architecture might not be to everyone’s liking but striking it is. The Bougainvillea is icing on the cake.