Inspirational garden designs w37/2022

As the days are a bit too quickly moving into darkish territory, inspirational garden designs w37/2022 take a closer look at a spectacular sinkhole, a fine autumn grass, kitsch vases, garden art and some seating for comfort as well as show.

Inspirational garden designs w37/2022 - Garden Room Style
Inspirational garden designs w37/2022 – GardenRoomStyle.
  1. Who would have thought that a sinkhole could look this good? Someone had the great idea of turning the Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul in South Australia into a sunken garden. Now hanging vines and other plants can be admired from top terraces as well a stroll at the bottom. This place looks like quite a unique garden experience.
  2. Yes, autumn came around this year as well. Where I live this Miscanthus sinensis ‘Malepartus’ is currently showing itself from its best sides. Those flower heads are a sight for sore eyes as well as great to the touch.
  3. Tiles, just love them. London designer Max Lamb has created an installation of sculptural items made from three-dimensional tiles he developed for Japanese brand Tajimi Custom Tiles. This sofa is one of them.
  4. How’s this for outstanding garden art? Functional it is too with incorporated seating and planters. This custom sculpture was created for a garden in Sydney, Australia where they clients were in search of a WOW-factor. Think they must have been quite happy with the result …
  5. These Testa di Moro vases are not everyone’s taste I’m sure. I, however, am fascinated by them. As far as i can ascertain they are only for indoor use. I reckon they have great potential as outdoor decor as well.
  6. The Superfonda Farfalla Sofa was originally designed in 1967 by Florentine radical group Archizoom. Comprised of two wavy elements cut from a single piece of polyurethane, it can be arranged in different configurations, becoming a sofa, chaise lounge, or daybed upon choice.