Jugend garden waiting in vain

It’s a sad, sad situation. This jugend villa (Ramsäter) constructed in 1912 can be found in Gothenburg, Sweden. It has recently been restored for millions of monies. It looks fabulous. So does the garden around it, even though it doesn’t look like a penny has been spent there recently. And none will in the future either, the jugend garden is waiting in vain. The reason being that the owner, the local authority, has decided to sell the front lawn section off to property developers. Planning permission has been given to build a two-storey property on the site. Talk about attacking the historical value and grandeur of this estate with a sledgehammer of gigantic proportions. Its sacrilege.

 Grand entrance to a grand villa - Garden Room Style

Grand entrance to a grand villa.

The landscape is an excellent example of Swedish jugend garden style in the early 20th century. What attracts instant attention are the terraced walls. They are awe-inspiring in their fortified appearance. The villa was built for a Director of a nearby porcelain factory, perhaps they were meant to solidify his importance?

Gigantic granite block wall - Garden Room Style
Gigantic granite block wall.

Current vegetation comprise Rhododenron, Corylus avellana trees and grass. Interestingly, looking at the historical photo of the estate below it doesn’t look like the garden has ever been given much consideration. Imagine if the local authority had been bold (or rich enough) to make the garden as splendid as the house? Naturally matching the style with the time period.

Villa Ramsäter with logo and date - Garden Room Style
The villa has a gate with a logo and date.
A historical view of the villa. Photographer unknown
A historical view of the villa. Photogropher unknown.

As fruitless as it is, I entertained myself thinking of what that style could look like. The moodboard below shows some potential ingredients, such as flower bed parterres, solid black lighting fittings, cast iron furniture, and replacement of the ugly asphalt with grey self binding gravel. Just imagine, eh?

Garden accessories befitting a jugend villa - GArden Room Style