GardenRoomStyle Moodboard w19-2022.

Spring is progressing in my part of the world. Greenery is exploding in front of my eyes, not to mention the blooms. Sun rises @ 5.03 and sets at 21.16. It’s Monday and time for another GardenRoomStyle Moodboard – w19-2022. Garden design has never looked so good :-).

Inspirational garden designs - w19/2022 - Garden Room Style
  1. Glass-filled Gabion Walls.
    Posted generally about gabion walls some time ago. Contemplating their funkiness. Here I’m specifically on about slag glass filled gabion walls. If you want to rock your back or frontyard, this is where the action is. Slag glass is a term used to describe a type of coloured pressed opaque glass made using the “slag” left over during the iron smelting process.These kind of gabion walls have exactly the same function as ordinary ones but their colour rocks considerable more. Add some backlights to it and the night is your oyster
  2. Super duper high pots
    Aren’t these high pots just so funky? I like their height, but also the unusual shapes. So sleek and so modern. The latter attribute highlighted by their lustruous coating. If you like bling and a cool impression these pots from Altera might be your choice.
  3. Mighty Brugmansia impression.
    A tropical South African beauty that will stop you in your tracks is how Hayloft advertises this Brugmansia Tricolor plant. Could anyone possibly disagree? In colder climate this plant needs to be stored inside in winter. Cut it back and it will again rise and shine for another outdoor season.
  4. Cornwall Gardens.
    Well what to say. Some have it and some don’t. Cornwall Gardens is a supersized private residence in Singapore. Most of us can only dream about this kind of abode+garden. But dreams are where it all comes true.
  5. Bonbori outdoor lights.
    In my opinion there’s nothing much beating the 1970s for a cool groove. Fashion and decor. These lights from BROKIS to me has that very kind of vibe. Even though manufacturing began in 2020. IP44 rated.
  6. Hanging plants.
    Indoor and outdoors. The more the merrier. Only slight problem could be irrigation if too high and too many. But difficult to beat this look if exotic is what you are after.
  7. La Pâtisserie Dior, Paris.
    This courtyard establishment forming part of Dior’s Paris premises looks exquisite. It’s difficult to see what kind of reddish plant has been used here, but I love how it’s trailing the steps like a fabulous evening gown.